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Maggie by dragonblood18

been a while hasn't it? anyway's it was a new game at rinmarugames and i just wanted to try it ou
Malayeka by dragonblood18

Here's my recent angel oc. She finally has a name. Her name is Malayeka
Mia and Maverick by dragonblood18
Mia and Maverick
Game :…

Just wanted to do this with my elf oc Mia and my virus dragon oc Maverick. I'm trying to develop them more. I, so far, gotten with Mia that she studies potions and makes them. Maverick is a wanted criminal, but it turns out he's been framed and he is trying to find the real person who commited the crime. He's accused of killing someone when he didn't. And the relationship between these two...well they like each but so far Maverick is getting on Mia's nerves
Amara And Tatsumi by dragonblood18
Amara And Tatsumi…

Here's Amara and she found Tatsuya...but he got turned into a girl and she's admiring how pretty he looks as a girl


dragonblood18's Profile Picture
United States
I just saw my friend :iconyuyuamie: do this so i'll do it as well...i'm bored okay

1. I am currently jobless. I'm in college right now. I hope to one day be a writer or do something with drawing
2. It's been about a year since i had any good dreams, it's been mostly weird or nightmares. I long for some good sleep...back when i was a kid and sometimes now, i use to have nightmares about Forte from Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas
3. I like anime. The ones you've mostly seen in my gallery are Yu Yu hakusho (mostly my oc's) and sometimes Naruto, but i've also like Uta no Prince Sama, Gundam Wing, Akatsuki no Yona, Dragon Knight (just got into it) Saint Seiya, D.Gray-man, Dragon Ball Z( i've like this since childhood), Beyblade, Pokemon, and Digimon (again these are the ones i like since childhood) Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru, Tekken Chinmi, Toradora, and a bunch of other ones, it's just that i can't think of them at the moment, however if i ever draw anything from these, don't be surprised.
4. I mostly like fighting games, my recent favorite is Dead or Alive 5 ultimate. My favorite characters from that game is Mila, Hitomi, Zack, and Eliot.
5. I got alot of oc's, i lost count of how many i got
6. I act like i'm some hard ass,....but i'm really not...i just act that way so people won't hurt me. On the inside, i'm more like a scared child....
7. I am easily annoyed and most of the time i like to be alone. I'm trying to be more sociable
8. I feel like i got a guardian angel watching over me. I haven't felt her recently but i still have a sense that she's there...and i feel like i got a personal demon with me too...and i've always wondered about this dream i had about this girl named Helen and her boyfriend
9. I always said that if i was a Youtuber, I would do video games, anime reviews, and drawing videos. My favorite Youtuber is Markiplier, RoosterTeeth and Ihascupquake
10. I'm Christian, believe it or not( i don't mean that in a bad way it's just that people are surprised by that, since i don't act christian like), but don't worry, i'm not Judgemental or anything i'll respect you
11. My motto at one point was "Anything's possible" but after things happened to me i don't know what to believe...i don't think about that much but oh well
12. My favorite genre of music is Rock. My favorite bands are Disturbed and Breaking Benjamin
13. My most favorite animal are dragons (well mystical wise...), penquins, baby chicks and turtles

Aka-Chan's questions:

Okay these weren't directed towards me, but i'll do them anyway

1. Which Oc would most likely kill you if they were real? If you don't have one you can pick a friend's Oc.-well they wouldn't neccessary kill me but they would beat me up. I'm guessing the ones that would do that would be Shane and Tenma, mostly because they're the violent ones
2. A common thing one of your Ocs says? Setsuko: time to KICK SOME ASS!!
3. Something different your Oc does now then they did when they were first made?....Well some of them are getting theraphy( some of my oc's sometimes act like they don't need help when they really do), the ones that got that are again, Shane and Tenma, but Argon does as well, but he goes for different reasons
4. In an Alternate Universe, like in Naruto Road to Ninja, what would your Oc be like? okay for my naruto oc Masako her alternative self would be more social and outgoing, and creeply happy all the damn time and she would be annoying
5. What would be different about their story? ...well i haven't thought much about Masako's story so nothing would change at the moment
6. Like what happened when Naruto went to the waterfall of truth, what is your Oc's 'true self' like? just like how i described myself...a scared child on the inside
7. One of your good guy Ocs turns evil out of the blue. What happened and what is your other Ocs reaction? I'll do Rayne for this one. What would make him go evil is if his sister is killed or is Eika is killed and he'll actually go insane and kill a lot of people and actually carry his sister's axe around
8. One of your Ocs gets angel wings and another gets devil horns. Based on their personality, who gets what? well Deedri is already an angel, and my new angel oc is one as well, but the ones that would get angel wings are Maggie, and Mia and Amara. everyone else gets devil wings XD
9. Something your Oc hates with a passion?...uh...which one? they hate alot of things
10. Do any of your Ocs argue amongst themselves? If so, who?hell yeah they argue. They argue alot with each other it doesn't matter who, they just do
11. Two of your Ocs that are rivals in a competitive way? Argon vs Shane, Shane vs Tatsuya, Argon vs Tatsuya, Shane vs Rayne, Maelynn vs Tenma (despite tenma being a yyh oc i picture all my oc's in the same universe so they know each other) Setsuko vs Mirai (they almost hate each other's guts) Yami vs Koudai (THEY REALLY HATE EACH OTHER) Argon vs Maverick ( virus dragon oc)
12. If a few of your Ocs were elements, what would they be? Fire- Argon, Maggie, Ethon, Cerise, Setsuko Ice- Rayne, Lightning- Aria, Shane, Eric,Bartholomew Earth- Tenma, Tatsuya, Darkness- Yami, Hira
13. Meme's over. Are you relieved?...not really

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